Banking & Finance
Innovating Banking Security

With millions bank transactions every day, banking and financial institutions have been exposed to substantial criminals. At the same time, how to improve customer experience and management efficiency has been emerged as a major task for management facing the fierce competition in the modern world. The fast innovation in security with both technological breakthrough and business integration has been an important enabler for banking and financial institutions to improve vulnerability and management efficiency.

Uk Securities Advanced Technologies to Secure Your Banking and Financial Intuitions

1. 4K UHD camera with face recognition can identify suspicious object with super clear image to prevent potential risk and critical events

2. Overlay the transaction information on the video footage to avoid potential disputes thus to improve customer experience

3. People counting, VIP recognition, remote authorization etc to integrate the security with main business process to further improve business and management efficiency

4. Data safety. Sophisticated backup measures in server to ensure the critical data safety

All-round protection for restaurant assets at closing time, notification via APP triggered for remote viewing once alarm occurs.

Retail Security

By the impact of fast developing online shopping through PC and mobile, retail stores are facing great challenges. How to improve the customer satisfaction and maximize per customer transaction is the most urgent for retailers at the present. With the development of retailing techniques, using new advanced technology and innovations to keep OPEX low, increase store running efficiency and obtain profits is an important factor when considering surveillance options.